Improve Your Communication

Blarney stone, real or part of the story to the OTN, shrink the castle in Ireland, KISS possible stone gift jaw. Yes, it seems strange at the time, but questions about the tradition? Not that I am not Santa Claus (Oops!)

NOK discussion, that I can be realized. Although you can see, the radio program, a club devoted to public speaking, discussion, some rules still apply when it comes to interaction through words. May seem boring, but even though I know that in the mouth, which is two times the brain works very hard to the core, you know. What better to learn to be effective communication. Learning bystanders.

1, who knows what.
Education materials that are simple, but effective to say. Practice what they have learned. My guests are limited. Toast Master meeting, I, I know we all have our own limitations, but this does not mean that we do not. Can learn to collect and share what they know.

2. Hearing
This is the only important questions. Sometimes we hear them from the small classes and the self. Tell us what we believe with confidence.

3. Modesty
We all mistakes, and sometimes we tend to our Snape said. Swimming pool in May and one particular word although we know that not only impress, but to listen. Therefore the group should not be afraid to ask, if you talk about the right word properly and if not sure that funny! I promise that all the laughs, and you can not escape.

4 eyes
He says, that focuses your audience's attention with a different view, it is important that you call your attention to the large group meetings. Or collection, is beautiful.

5, Joke around.
Humor can only do wonders on the tension, or worse. Although discussions are still tired. You will be interested in it because most of the audience, and you feel. Access to people and only those who listen.

6, as the rest of them.
All mixed with other people. You can do what many people believe that they

7 I, I and I
It is time to realize that you are the rain sing. I know I am! Listen to your voice to speak about his practice at the time of sheet glass. Although stress can help tidy the pitch.

8 smile.
Smile, said that all things work does not have much contact point, or frowning on the grimace is a meeting or gathering, but shocking Express, we can say, when you smile.

9 models
If at least one or two people in your life, if not heard. A collection of public, or perhaps it is the church. Reading, but they will be directed to the mental state of awareness. You can help, if you are in focus.

10 up
He is the best, not only to prepare notes and often unnecessary loss Click Kwan Some things you need to write down the card index, while others use less. Dumb as written for the Palm hand. (No hands please for glue) will be happy just because you know you love this job.

And that wraps the instructions for the departure is less good, but I have learned to strengthen. Use of public or private talt not damaged. To hear the conversations and meetings as much fun with education.


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