Blogging (What Really is Blog)

Before I started blogging, I also couldn't give a clear definition of what blog or blogging is but I know people make lots of money from blogging.

Sincerely speaking, you can find about 2 million answers (and counting) to this specific question by Google or any other search engine but I will present the answer in a few different ways so that you will be able to understand, or if you know of someone who wants to know about it then you can pass them this post. . Now let me explain what blogging is

Let’s start simply, shall we?


Here are my own personal definitions about blogs that you can start with.

·         A blog originally came from the word “weblog”.

·         Another definition is that a blog is just like having your own personal website.

NOTE: You don’t have to know anything about HTML, JAVA SCRIPT or how to build a website before you can build a blog... Examples of blogs are, Music, and etc...

·         A blogger is someone who blogs or writes content for a blog.

·         Blogging is the act of writing a post into a blog.

Did you get it? That was easy, and that’s all I think you might need to know to get started. If still not cleared, here are some advanced meaning.

Advance Definitions of a blog

Blog posts typically appear with the most recent blog post (or entry, post) first, just like a diary or journal.

A blog is typically updated frequently and regularly, although there are some who are considered “slow bloggers”.

Blogs typically have an area for people to comment or respond to the blog post.

Blogs may also have other areas of content and links to other websites.

Blogs can have individual authors or be a collection of authors.

Blogs have a history or an archive of previous blog posts.

A blog is a collection of content that is organized repetitively. This content can take the form of basic words (copy) as well as rich media (audio, video, and embeddable objects).

A blog typically focuses on a particular subject matter for clarity, focus, and

A blog can be built by hand, manually through writing the post, uploading to a website via FTP, and then publishing.

A blog can also be managed by software, sometimes called a CMS (Content Management System), where a lot of the features are automatically created and populated.

Was snuffing Jeff Jarvis website one day when i came across his own definition of blog , Here is what Jeff said about blogging

"I don’t care.

There is no need to define ‘blog.’ I doubt there ever was such a call to define ‘newspaper’ or ‘television’ or ‘radio’ or ‘book’ — or, for that matter, ‘telephone’ or ‘instant messenger.’

A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list. People will use it however they wish. And it is way too soon in the invention of uses for this tool to limit it with a set definition.

That’s why I resist even calling it a medium; it is a means of sharing information and also of interacting: It’s more about conversation than content … so far. I think it is equally tiresome and useless to argue about whether blogs are journalism, for journalism is not limited by the tool or medium or person used in the act.

Blogs are whatever they want to be. Blogs are whatever we make them. Defining ‘blog’ is a fool’s errand".

This helps i think. Now let’s take a look at blogging History.

 According to

The Birth of Blogs:

 The earliest blogs started in the late 1990s as online diaries. Individuals posted information on a daily basis about their lives and opinions. The daily posts were listed in reverse date order, so readers viewed the most recent post first and scrolled through previous posts. The format provided an ongoing inner monologue from the writer.

As blogs evolved, interactive features were added to create a two-way conversation. Readers took advantage of features that allowed them to leave comments on blog posts or link to posts on other blogs and websites to further the dialogue.

Blogs Today:

As the Internet has become more social, blogs have gained in popularity. Today, there are over 100 million blogs with more entering the blogosphere every day. Blogs have become more than online diaries. In fact, blogging has become an important part of the online and offline worlds with popular bloggers impacting the worlds of politics, business and society with their words.

The Future of Blogs:

It seems inevitable that blogging will become even more powerful in the future with more people and businesses recognizing the power of bloggers as online influencers. Anyone can start a blog thanks to the simple (and often free) tools readily available online. The question will likely become not, "Why should I start a blog?" but rather, "Why shouldn't I start a blog?"

With all this, you should be able to give a clear definition and understanding of what blogging or to blog is all about. In my next article, i will be talking about the benefit of blog. If you ask me, Can one really make lot of money from blog? trust me, people make lot and lot of money from this. We shall discourse this in my next article.

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