Open Learning Enterprises Wear Smart Money Game

Open Learning Enterprises Wear Smart Money Game
Family finances sorted out any successful business. The slogan is a mainstay in the opening game of business through a Smart Money Game.

This was said by Chief Organizer Smart Money Game Mike Rini Sutikno, in Indonesia Creative Center Sarinah, Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Sunday (13/01/2013).

"Smart Money Games is a game simulating financial and business planning for entrepreneurs who want to open a business but through a game or a game like a game of monopoly," he said.

Mike added that the purpose of this game to study the dependence of debt to businesses that want to open their business opportunities. According to him, if you want to owe, only for productive purposes and not consumptive.

"Then here businessmen were also taught how to multiply their finances, so what they already have in the form of assets or have income (salary) then it can be cultivated and developed," he explained.

Other purposes, so that participants can learn to earn passive income (earned income without having to work in a company). In addition, a person's age is limited such as retirement, then retirement income one must still have a way to learn to earn passive income.

"In this game we learn how to earn money without having to work and real life to be a businessman, we need to first simulations such as Smart Money Game this game," he explained.

Mike continued, it is done because in real life, an entrepreneur or businessman certainly made a mistake in issuing costs. Whereas in this game, the cost comes out of a piece of paper toys fake money that can be managed to build a business.

"The point of this game is a simulator for learning or for business people who want to open a business but want to know the positive and negative impacts such as what the Smart Money through this game," he said.


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