Americans Create a Robot Jellyfish for Military Activities

Americans Create A Robot Jellyfish for Military Activities
The Engineer of the Virginia Tech College of Engineering has just created a robot that interesting. The robot is an autonomous robot shaped like a jellyfish.

This project is a research was funded by the U.S. Navy and has been running for 6 years. Later, the robot can be used as a means to observe the conditions in the ocean. The robot also has a shape similar to a jellyfish and even movements were similar.

Research on this robot has been running long enough. The first version of the robot called Robojelly was first introduced last year. Furthermore, they introduced a second version called Cryo. The Cryo robot also has a waterproof blanket that connects eight arms that can be moved.

The researchers also will continue to continue the development of this robot. Both of the designs or ability. Currently, robotic jellyfish is able to survive for four hours. With time still 3 years away, the development of this robot is still very possible.


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