Ping Pong: New “Real” Athletics Pursuit of America?

In the realm of expert games, table tennis is Rodney Dangerfield. For most Olympic observers, it falls some place in the middle of bows and arrows and trampolining on the lists of must-see occasions. Conan O'brien as of late tweeted: "Players at the Olympics are, no doubt issued 15 condoms each. On the other hand as the men's table tennis players put it, '14 condoms too much.'"

As a previous Junior Olympian table-tennis player myself, I can bear witness to: when focused Ping-Pong is your best game in secondary school, it doesn't precisely demonstrate your physical ability. Regular responses to my session of decision?  "You must have truly solid wrists." "Do you play like Forrest Gump?" "Do you play true tennis as well?" "My grandma is the Palm Beach retirement-home champion—you folks ought to play at some point."

Yet like clockwork when the Summer Olympics arrive, I hold out trust that the Games will, unequivocally, help table tennis transcend its generalization as a weak parlor diversion, persuading Americans that its players are truth be told "true" competitors and that its almost as commendable an observer wear as, say, synchronized swimming. I was particularly amped up for this present year's scope, which shockingly included live streaming of all matches, offering it much more introduction than its common 3 a.m. system time space.

So amidst this Olympic energy, I was alarmed to peruse American Ping-Pong legend Marty Reisman proclaim on The Daily Beast that present day aggressive table tennis is "unwatchable," regretting that, because of today's innovative supplies, it comprises essentially of "indistinct flicks of the wrist as opposed to physicality." If we'd lost Reisman, Ping-Pong lobby of famer and evangelist for as far back as six decades, had we basically lost?

As an energetic devotee to table tennis' future, I feel it my obligation to set the record straight is aggressive Ping-Pong especially sports, as well as its almost as exciting to look as it was in Reisman's day, on the off chance that you comprehend what to look for. Rivalry level Ping-Pong is similar to running, boxing, and playing chess at the same time. Furthermore the preparation regimens are almost as requesting, joining complex practice drills at the table and powerful molding for center and lower-body quality. Look at the thigh muscles of the focused table-tennis players—they're ripped.

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