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We are the video maker for YouTube. We are the team that we can create your videos and can marketing your videos as well. The process of properly create, edit and upload video to YouTube is not a difficult. Just recording the video, editing it and after that upload it to YouTube. This is the easiest process for uploading a video to YouTube. Hopefully the information in this article allows you to streamline this process faster than normal.

First off all, you need to create a video. To do this you need a camera. If you do not have camera then you can use a webcam or flip camera. The most important thing to consider is the whether or not what you want to use has a microphone - that is essential equipment. Once you have the equipment, go to a quiet place. Look directly at the camera, speak clearly, and be yourself! Then record your footage and transfer it from the recording device to a folder on your computer.

After the footage is recorded, you can edit it using windows movie maker. Windows Movie Maker is standard on PC's that have Windows Vista. If you do not have windows movie maker then many video editing programs exist, you can use one of them. If you have Google "free video editing software" you will find a ton of them. I will be writing this article with Windows Movie Maker in mind; however I'm sure most other editors will have similar functions.

Final step is uploading the video to YouTube. You can create your own video channel if you want to upload more videos if do not want to upload more video then just upload your first video and save the URL.

Here are easy steps to upload a video to YouTube: -
1 . First thing you will have to create Google or YouTube account.
2 . Second step is to log into youtube. com
3. Once you logged in there is a "upload" button under your sign in name.
4. Click on the "upload" button, it will take you to the Video File Upload screen. When you get there, click on the yellow button that says "Upload Video".
5. Once you click it, a browser will open up for your computer. Find your video that you want to upload and then click open. Your video will be uploading to YouTube.
Close the Sale with Your Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing has continued to grow as a marketing tool for businesses of all types and sizes. However , companies need to understand that the video aiming to sell products and services need more support to enable you to close that sale.

Call to action
Be clear what your call to action is and make sure it is contained both in the video and around the video - in the available description panels, titles and tags on video websites for example. Include URLs and phone numbers, or details of any sale, event or location.

Placing of the video on your own website
Consider where a potential visitor would EXPECT to find the video. A single page containing all your videos may look nice and neat on the website but not be the best for sales. The greatest value of your online marketing video will be to put it on the relevant products and services page where the online video is supported by relevant copy, testimonials and reviews - all designed to close the sale.

Use the correct channels
Putting the video on your website and YouTube should not constitute your online video marketing strategy. There are plenty of others channels that will help you close the sale. Use the video in your blog, and look at placing it on relevant forums and review sites. Perhaps use it for any online advertising. Amazon is increasingly used for online video so look at how you can leverage the power of their website.

Create unique pages
Creating unique URLs for your online video marketing will have two distinct advantages. Firstly, they will help better track the popularity of the video if each has a unique URL. Secondly, it will allow you create a page that more closely reflects the content of the video. You will be able to re-enforce the product/service benefits, mirror the same language and replicate the same images on this unique page - all important techniques to closing the sale. The page will also help you measure conversion rates if you run an e-commerce website.

Successful online video marketing means you think about more than the content of the videos - you need to develop an effective strategy to turn the video viewer into a customer.

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