I am very pleased to have you on my website; and happy that you eventually get hold of this superb fiverr blueprint of how I earn over #200,000 ($1300) monthly from the internet via fiverr. Thanks for your time and effort.

Let me introduce myself before proceeding… I am Afolabi Andrew by name, the owner of this very blog you are on to now; most of my past students know me as “Mr Fiverr”. I got this nickname because of my money-making ingenuity online via I happen

to be the first known Nigerian to publicly declare and acclaim with proof that I make over $1300 monthly from 

I have a wealth
of knowledge on internet money making and I love sharing my knowledge with fellows who are really willing and serious to learn from me.
This blueprint is set to take you by the hand and show you my secret to #200,000 monthly from fiverr. It’s no news that I make an average of $1300 monthly from fiverr. That’s over #200,000 when converted to Nigerian currency.

I love to keep this as short and precise as possible so, let’s get started…


I understand the fact that some of you reading my free report right now might be a complete Newbie (relatively new to internet money making). As such, I need to simplify things for you a little bit.
Internet is just a “tool” to expand buying and selling. So, when we talk about internet money making, we need understand the fact that buying and selling is taking place and we are using the internet to reach out to numerous people.

If you have a shop where you sell gift items, you are only limited to making sales to people within your area. But, if you apply the use of the internet by creating a website and showcasing your products on the website and have knowledge of how to advertise your website very well on the internet, you would have moved away from your “local area” to a “wide area”. In this case, your product is now accessible to people all over the world. Once you have a good delivery channel in place, these people from across the globe can order for your “gift items” and you deliver it via dhl or any courier service.

In such example as above, you could be making 1000 times sales of what you could have been making if you were to be limited to your locality alone. In this case, we say you are making money from the internet. So, basically, the Internet is just a channel through which we expose our product or services to a vast number of potential buyers. This is my own orientation of internet money making. For example, I have knowledge of Website designing and I leverage on the internet to render this service. Few days ago, I got a job from a Man (Kim Law) from Florida, USA and I helped him to design He paid me my asking price. Tell me, how I would have had the privilege of securing this job if there isn’t internet.

So, 3 major things are needed to make money from the internet. 

These are:
1. A product/Service
2. A website
3. Traffic

Let me take it one after the other. First is Product or Service. Those that make the mega bucks of money on the internet are people who have something to sell or a service to render. is a shoe selling company and it does this very well by selling on the internet. It makes millions of dollars in sales each year. Service on the other hand is intangible things that we offer to people. If I can design a website and you ask me to help you design one, I am rendering a service to you. So, the first ingredient to making money on the Internet is having a product or a service you want to sell or render.

Secondly, a website is synonymous to a shop where you show case your goods or services. In the offline, you rent a shop to sell bread and provisions. This is where your potential customers come to buy your products. On the Internet, a website performs the same function as a shop. It is on your website that you will show case what you’ve got for sale or offer.

Thirdly, we talk of traffic. Traffic in Internet terminology simply means the people that come to your website. If gets an average of 500 visitors per day, that means, has 500 daily traffic or 15,000 monthly traffic(times 30 days).
You have a product or service to sell or render, you show case this on a website, you manage to get people to visit the website and among those that visited your website, you get some of them that buys your product or ordered for your service. They paid and you make money!

You can see that all these three are interwoven. Graphically, this is how to make money on the internet.

This is where I make money from on the internet and in fact, it’s the place I have made the easiest $$$ I have ever made online since my almost 10 years of internet money making
experience. I make money from other businesses online. But, I must confess that is the place I have made my easiest money on the whole internet.

                    That is the homepage of

As you can see above, the whole idea of is based on $5. Anything that you feel like you can do for just $5, you will list it out (this is called “GIG”on fiverr) and if anyone is interested in it and orders for it, you shall deliver it and get paid $5 for the job.

 That’s it. Do not bother about the GIGS to put up on fiverr, I shall teach you this!

                     WHY I LOVE FIVERR so much!
I said it the other time that the basic principle of making money online involves 3 major things (Product/service, Website and Traffic). Of all these, the most difficult is traffic.

I love fiverr so much because, out of the 3 basic ingredients to making money online, it has taken charge of 2. These are:

- Website and,
- Traffic.

All we are left with is to come up with a product or service that we would love to sell on fiverr. As you can see, out of 3 things, 2 have already been taken care of and we are left with just 1. This makes it very easy for us to make money compared to the conventional way which involves the 3 elements.

Fiverr has taken care of website problem because, with our product or service, we do not need to build a website before we can sell it. Fiverr has provided us with space on their website to show case our product or service for free.
Likewise, fiverr has taken care of the traffic aspect too. Taking care of the traffic aspect is the most interesting… like I explained earlier that traffic is the most cogent of the 3 basic requirements to making money online. Now that this has been taken care of, it means that making money has now become so simple.
This was the exact reason why I immediately fell in love with fiverr when I came across it about a year ago.


It is important to make you understand that I practice what I preach… I am not like some other information marketers who teach you what they think will work. The difference is that I teach what I practice and works for me.

This is the exact balance I had in my fiverr account as at December 7th, 2012. Revenue of $1,564 = #254, 932 only.
As at this moment that I am documenting this report (January 1st, 2013) that’s exactly 25days after…

This is my account balance as at January 1st, 2013. I have withdrawn exactly $1,812 from this account, used $20 to buy things on fiverr and have a balance of $904 left in this account presently. $1812 + $20 + $904 = $2,736. That’s #445, 968. That means that within 25days, I was able to make #191, 036 (#445,968 - #254,932).

Hmm! I am proud to say it anywhere that I make an average of $40/day on Since a service cost $5 on fiverr, that means, for me to make $40/day on fiverr, I need to deliver at least 8 services. Nope!
Note: I blurred some aspect of the image to conceal my services that I render on fiverr
There is something I never told you initially… The guy that owns fiverr is also out there to make money online. As such, on every $5 service that you deliver, he collects $1 and gives you $4.
That means that for me to make my $40 daily on fiverr, I need to deliver 10 jobs. Yes! I easily do that and I will proof that to you right away.

I had just 2 oders on December 24th and just 6 orders on December 25th. I easily understand that this poor result was as a result of the festivity.
Even though there was holiday on December 25th, and 99% of business men and women will never make a single kobo that day, I still manage to make $24 on a public holiday. That’s #3,912 made on Christmas day.

But, as the festive period elapsed, on December 26th, I had 15 orders and that’s $60 for me. Converted to Naira, we have #9,780.
I can continue and with proofs and proofs… I am damn sure of what I do.
The above account is an account I opened barely 64days ago. I opened that account exactly October 28th, 2012. See the activation sent to my email when I opened the account. See below!

The basic steps that i took are:
1. Go to and open a free account.
2. Setup your profile.
3. Put up your gigs to render hot and highly needed services
4. Include some other HOT strategies unknown to most people.

I will go into basic discussion about this. Obviously, a good number of people know about this website located at but, the unfortunate thing there is that a whole lot of people find it difficult to make money on this site because, they do not understand the basic strategies of making money from this site. I was once like that too until I got my breakthrough.
Then, I only struggle to make $100/month. This happened for almost 9 months until I eventually got the key to making money from fiverr.

1. To open an account on the website, visit, click on sign up and fill in your email address, desired username, password and the security question. They will send a mail to your email address, confirm your email address and you are set.

2. Setup your profile; you need to set up your profile in a professional way. You do not overlook this coz most white guys, before they buy from you, they will check on your profile to know who you are and if they can listen to you. You must use a picture on your profile page. This can be your personal picture or just any human picture. Pictures can be gotten from google images for free.

3. After setting up your profile information, the next point of action is to start putting up your gigs (the services you want to render). This is very important but many people do not know. If you must achieve my kind of result on fiverr, you need listen carefully here. Not all services sell on fiverr. There are some hotcakes services that if you render on fiverr, you are rest assure of making your first dollar online within 24hours.

4. Include some other hot strategies…

Before I started using these Hot strategies, that was the kind of money I was making on fiverr …
I struggled to make $100/month back then.
But, after I learnt these strategies and I started implementing then, my fiverr account sky rocketto over $1200/month.

These strategies are only know to the few percentage (less than7%)of people like me who can boast of over $1000/month from fiverr.
I have learnt this via trial and error over the past one year. Had it been I had seensomeone to teach me this for #30,000 in that past one year; I would have made over #2,400,000 from fiverr right now. But, I never had such opportunity as you are having today.

My secret of making over #200,000 month from fiverr lies in these simple steps:

1. I open an account at
2. I update my profile to look legitimate
3. I spot some highly demanded services and put up gigs on them
4. I garnish it all with some HOT strategies and the money rolls in.
UNFORTUNATELY…, I cannot afford to unleash those hot strategies here. Why?

 There are a lot of empty headed people out there waiting for HOT information like this so that they can steal it and start selling it even though they do not understand how it works.

 Also, I do not personally believe in teaching people without practically demonstrating it to them. I am a teacher! I want you to experience how I do things live and direct.

 Lastly and most importantly, a lot of people out there when given free tips and valuable information like this, they tend not to use it coz they did not pay to get it. But, if you pay heavily to get something, you definitely will ensure that you use that thing and achieve the desired result.

Yes! I know what I am talking about. I want to charge the spirit of success out of you. I am not going to release those hot strategies to you here. If you need it, you will have to take one step further so as for me to know that you are really ready and serious to make money online.

I could have easily go around and borrow any amount I was asked to pay a year ago if I had this kind of opportunity; to be taught by someone that can proof it beyond reasonable doubt that he makes money from fiverr.


This is to those who are really serious from learning how to make money on fiverr just like I do. #200,000 average monthly income isn’t a small money. Bankers; that are held in high esteem, doesn't earn up to this amount. The most interesting thing about this is that, you wouldn't have to resume office at 8AM and close by 4PM. You work at your convenient time. I spend an average of an hour daily on fiverr to deliver my orders.

OMG! I even forget to tell you all along that you do not need any STARTING CAPITAL. Neither do you need any investment. All you need is an average on an hour access to the internet daily. O boy! Even a sachet water seller; who wouldn't earn up to #10,000/month requires a starting capital! You can now see the beauty of fiverr. No Starting Capital!

I have just created the video training of my fiverr #200,000/month VIDEO training course and I have decided to give this video training to serious people for a token.

How much do you think you personally will charge if you have this type of privilege as I do. How much will you charge? Be sincere!
Oh! You will charge #100,000? I can hear your heartbeat… you wanna charge just #50,000? I am sure the most generous of you will charge at least #20,000 (10% of your student’s potential earning). Alright!

Sorry all, despite the fact that I know that this information is priceless and worth above all those suggested price, I am authoritatively telling you that I shall not give you my fiverr #200,000/month VIDEO training course for #100,000 neither will I give it to you for #50,000. I understand you very well because; I have once been like you (seeking the door to financial freedom). I know what it takes to gather even #10,000 for a seminar on money making.
In Short, After all calculations and considerations, I have decide to give out my fiverr #200,000/month VIDEO training course, which lapse for a record time of 2hours 23minutes, for a token of #4,000 only.

My fiverr #200,000/month VIDEO training course has been packaged to take you by the hand and ensure that you achieve my same result and even beyond. It has been centered towards the Newbies and experts alike. Irrespective of your level of internet proficiency, you will easily grasp the simple system of making money from fiverr.

I know personally within me that this price is too cheap for my fiverr #200,000/month VIDEO training course but, I just have to do this for the sake of those who are still struggling and will even have to borrow the money to be able to secure this long awaited messiah.
Thinks that’s all? You’ve got to see this crazy one from me!

If you are really serious about making money, I will be so glad to mentor you. How do I know the serious ones? If you are reading this right away and you order for my fiverr #200,000/month VIDEO training course within the next 5days, you are. I can easily ascertain this.
For the serious ones, who will order for my fiverr #200,000/month VIDEO training course within 5 days of reading this, here is your special one. I shall give you 13 different other reading material including Video training that I personally studied when I was still undergoing my learning process on how to make money from fiverr.

These materials are worth times 18 of what you are paying me to get my fiverr #200,000/month VIDEO training course alone. It cost me over $420 to get all these materials (you have to invest on materials if you will ever make money online).
Of all these materials, I only applied what I learnt in just 4 of them and I started making an average of #200,000/month. I have not even bother to implement other strategies from the remaining 9 materials. If you are very hard working and smart, you can earn more than I do by studying more from these materials.

PLEASE NOTE… These additional materials aren't for everyone but for the serious ones who are quick in taking action. 6days away from today, you missed out on my bonuses! The bonuses are meant for only those who pay the #5,000 to get my VIDEO training within 5days from today. No I beg o!

I did not mention anything about withdrawal of your money because; my VIDEO training contains all the cogent details of withdrawing from your account without stress or opening of any bloody paypal account. At least, you saw in the snap shot above that I have been withdrawing my money. Withdrawal of your earning is damn simple… I will tell you everything in the video.

Fiverr #200,000/month Video Training course 

For People From Nigeria
Pay #4,000 only to

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