How I Made $825 In Just Two Weeks With The Empowerment Network And Prosperity Team

I am sure most of you have heard of the 'Empower Network' founded by David Wood & David Sharpe, and I am sure that most of you have heard that a lot of people are making significant incomes from it. yes people are really making lots of money from this and am also included. This morning I just discovered have made 825 Dollars in just two weeks of joining. Let me tell you little about this team.

Prosperity Team is one of the highest and coolest masterminds in the industry hands down and get access to one-of-a-kind automated marketing system specifically designed to help you create a realistic $5,000 per month income within 30-60 days and then double it in the next 60. That’s the main goal.
                                   How Are We Going To Do That in Prosperity Team?

Simple. We use Empower Network as a vehicle and Prosperity Team is a driving force (the engine) that will power this vehicle and make it move faster than anything you’ve ever seen before! I believe we will make a huge difference in the industry and change a LOT of lives for the better… starting with YOU.

                                         Why Use Empower Network as a Vehicle?

Empowerment Network is the hottest vehicle right now on the internet. And we’re going to capitalize on that by powering it with our own unique custom marketing system and building it right in to the Prosperity Team.

                                         Why we chose Empower for 4 main reasons:
1.100% Commissions
2.Great Products
3.Great Leadership
4. Meeting different kinds of people in the world

When we marry that with Prosperity Team, we’ll be UNSTOPPABLE and make a big dent in the industry.

Heck, the Prosperity Team concept has already set a new record of bringing almost $600,000.00 in just 21 days of ‘testing it’. Nobody in the industry has ever done that! This will be the coolest things going to happen in the PT industry for year 2013 and onwards.

The best part of their compensation plan is that they pay 100% commissions, meaning I keep all the money I earn. And on the top of that, I will get paid also a $125 residual payment every single month from that ONE sale..!

The beauty of the PT system is that actually, you do not promote Empower Network directly…  Yes that is right… There are over 70,000 affiliates in Empower Network, all competing with the exact same landing and sales pages… So it makes no sense to do whatever the “herd” is doing… You need to think outside the box and outsmart the competition. So how on earth do you do that?
Well, you need to think outside the box and you need an “edge” and approach it from a different angle.
This is where Prosperity Team comes into place.

So what IS stopping you? What if I could introduce you to an easier way and an almost done it for you program to help you succeed with Empower. Just watch the video, you have nothing to loose but 5 minutes to watch this video: Click the link below 

                                           How I made $825 in Just Two Weeks

Your next step right now is to position yourself on the Comp. Plan with Empower Network. Do you want to earn $25 per sale or do you want to earn $4,622.00 per sale?
I think the answer is obvious and you know exactly what you need to do.
Click the button below and you will be taken directly to the payment page for the basic level where you will pay $25.                              Click Here To Join
NOTE: On the payment page it will say that you will be joining either directly under me or under one of my Prosperity team members. It doesn’t matter who you fall in under, you get the same benefits because you will be on the ProsperityTeam.
So just pay the $25 and then simply follow instructions and get yourself positioned at higher levels.
The higher you position yourself, the more money you will make, the faster.
(and how you position yourself at higher levels is by purchasing additional Empower Network products. It’s actually very step-by-step process. You’ll do just fine
Remember, you will spend the money else where anyway, why not invest it in yourself and completely transform your life in 2013 and beyond!
This is the beginning of something GREAT.
I believe this will be a movement…
We WILL make a BIG difference in this industry and help thousands of people change their lives.
Let’s Make HISTORY Together!


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